Hotel Kęszyca Leśna
Welcome in our place!

Welcome to Kęszyca Leśna - the small locality situated among the splendid nature of Pojezierze Lubuskie. The location of the hotel in the forest over the lake, incite to spend the time actively and to organize the management training, conferences and the integrative and occasional meetings.
We cooperate with Advertising And Marketing Agency "GAJA" who offer lot of interesting projects, among others Moulin Rouge,
Country Party Rodeo and outdoor parties.

Be in our region you can't miss the fortifications of Międzyrzecz - Międzyrzecki Rejon Umocnień - the second greatest fortifications in the Europe.

Hotel properties, restaurant and parking space are guarded for twenty-four hours!
Poznań - 120 km
Świebodzin - 25 km
Granica - Świecko - 60 km
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